Roof Repair(ed)

I’m truly tired of talking about the rain, so I’ll just say that was I ever wrong about that proto-Tropical Cylcone system dissipating yesterday!  in less than 36 hours, we received over 7.5″ of rain.  However, it is moving east, and the rain has slacked off.  But Mary tells me that now there are TWO low pressure systems, one on either side of the isthmus.

One good thing about yesterday’s rain, though–at one point, it was a real aguacero with a rainfall rate of over 2.5″/hr.  And so we had a chance to test out the latest work Juan has done on the roof.  At this point, he has replaced the Alumband under all the cumbreros and put patches on many if not all of the screws.  Yesterday, we saw the fruits of his work–no leaks!!  Some of those leaks along that line have been bothering us for years–again,nothing serious but utterly annoying, especially when you have a line of them.  Gone!  He has some more work to do on the roof; eventually, I want all the screws patched.  But I’m starting to look forward to installing insulation on the ceiling.

Juan the Roof Repairer

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2 Responses

  1. Wow! Glad the roof repairs are working, maybe I should call them the Ark repairs. I can’t believe the amount of rain you get. If it ever clears I’d love to see how some of your plants are doing. I’ll bet they have grown like weeds with all that rain.

    It’s good to hear from you again, keep posting.

  2. What’s surprising, Jonna, is that during the heaviest period of rain, a lot of things actually slowed their growth. Fortunately, or we’d haven never been able to keep up, the grass was one of them. Some trees did well. The hibiscus are grimly surviving. But the pineapples have gone to town–I have 9 fruiting right now!

    The roof repairs have been fascinating in that Juan comes down from his work with yet another bunch of corroded screws. Fact is, the original roof was poorly installed in many places, especially the cumbreros.


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