Thanksgiving Weekend

One of the best things that has happened around here was Thanksgiving Day/Weekend.  It’s not a big holiday for us, and last year I’m not certain we really did anything–can’t remember.  But this year, we decided to celebrate.  Usually we do at least part of the holidays with the Espinosas, but they have had a terrible health year, and the last time we had seen Maritza, she had been sick for nearly a month.  So we were by ourselves, and wound up very content with that.

We had the best turkey I can remember, and for food, I have a long memory!  Tender, juicy.   I’d like to take all the credit, but I roasted it the same way I’ve always done.  I sort of went all out with side dishes as well–did stuffed mushrooms, which I haven’t made in decades.  We’re still enjoying turkey sandwiches.

That Sunday being the First Sunday of Advent, we also lit our first Advent candle.  this year, we have Advent calendars on our desktops, and that has been fun.

But to make the weekend really special, we went to see Harry Potter y Las Reliquias de Muerte, A.  For this film, one cinema in David did have subtitled copies, so we were able to hear the voices of the actors.  We never saw the 6th film in the theater, because they only had doblada copies in David, so we waited for the DVD.  But for this film, they had subtitulada in one theater and the doblada in the other.

What a great film!  What fun it’s been to watch those kids (and they are kids no longer) grow up!  I thought it was the best adaptation of the books yet, and while I have a few quibbles with the editing, the movie itself was terrific.  No more school stuff, folks–straight action-adventure and you had better know what’s happened before.

When I read the 7th book, knowing that it would be filmed and having listened already to directors talk about problems with filming exposition, I wondered how they were going to handle all the exposition in the final book.  There’s a lot of it–it’s how Harry gets the information he needs.  But Steve Kloves, who has done all the screenplays but one, did an excellent job and while the movie does slow a bit, it picks up beautifully and the ending is perfect.

I have never understood why reviewers have had it in for Dan Radcliffe, who is a good actor.  I think all three of the “kids” were beautifully cast, and I have to say the same for the rest.  Alan Rickman is the embodiment of Snape, and I think not even Ralph Fiennes portrayal of Voldemort is as sinister as Jacob Israel’s  of Lucius Malfoy.

A great movie–beautifully photographed, nicely directed, excellent acting.  Bring on Parte B!


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4 Responses

  1. I saw HP at a midnight show the day it opened here. I really enjoyed it too and I am in great anticipation for the last episode next summer.

    I think all of the young actors are fabulous and I don’t pay much attention to what movie critics have to say since a majority of time I enjoy the movies they pan.

    I really wish the author would reconsider ending HP and start another series with the Weasely/Potter/Malfoy children as the charaters.

    I really didn’t care for her last book much.

  2. I don’t think you’re talking about HP7–do you mean The Tales of Beadle the Bard? Haven’t read it yet though I have the book


  3. Yes, that’s the one.

  4. One of these days soon, I’m going to read that book! I’ve been saving it, as a way of prolonging the series, so to speak. As long as I don’t read it, the harry Potter series is not at an end. :-(


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