Disaster In Eastern Panamá

I read La Prensa daily, and for nearly the past week, the news has been increasingly grave due to the heavy rains Panama City, Colón, and areas nearby have received.  At one point on Wednesday, traffic on the Canal was suspended for 17 hours.  What has been alarming in the extreme is that important reservoirs and lakes are at their maxima and dam spillways have had to be opened in order to relieve the pressure on the dams.  The most important has been the Bayano Dam on the Bayano River.

But it’s been hard to keep up with the story.  However, Eric Jackson has done a superb job of summarizing the situation and reporting what information there is that hasn’t made the papers.  Please make sure you watch the video–it’s mind-boggling.

I should mention that there has been damage to the access of the Centennial Bridge; only two of the four lanes can be used.  There’s a dramatic photo of it in this morning’s La Prensa.

On a much milder scale, our November weather report is in the archives.  Mary has a link to an excellent presentation that Lloyd Cripe has done on the climate–do check it out.

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2 Responses

  1. Joyce, no news of any of this has reached Canada so I am grateful for your report. Please do keep us informed via FB.

  2. It’s been a disastrous year for the country as a whole. There has been no area that has not seen floods and damage of one sort or another from th record-breaking rain.

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