Fruit stand in Ragusa

Fruit stand in Ragusa

My first photo:famous Baroque church? 18th century palazzi? No! A fruit stand!

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4 Responses

  1. Dear Joyce and Mary,
    How nice to see you have a new entry on your blog site, hope this is a sign that you will be writing about your new adventures! I’ve been studying about Mexico and remember you had a link to Ginger in Merida. All’s well here, we have another dog, named Riley, he was a rescue and looks alot like Buster, and has a similar disposition, this puts our herd up to 10 dogs, and 3 cats! LOL! Hope you all are doing well, and please update us when you get a chance, hugs all around. Love, Clyde and Linda….the fruit stand looks great!

  2. Wow, is it good to hear from you two!

  3. Hi!,
    Good to hear from you, too! So where are you two living? How are your 4-legged family members, doing? Hope all’s well, please fill in with some of your adventures, when you get a chance. Have great day! Ciao, Clyde and Linda :)..

  4. Still here in Panama! House is sold, we move to a rental at the end of this week. I take off for Sickily for good on July 8. Mary will stay here until I am able to rent a place that will accept all the critters. Hopefully, soon.

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